For a democratic, just, and sustainable Europe


EDM European Democratic Media eGis a non-profit cooperative registered in Germany to support the free flow of ideas and discussion indispensable for European democracy and thus empower European citizens to play a more active and informed political role in the EU.

To facilitate this we are creating the first trans-European website, BRAVE NEW EUROPE (, to publish analyses and opinions with a radical face and attitude concerning European politics and economics. Among our contributors will be many distinguished European experts and activists challenging the predominant political and media discourse. The website will also emphasise a democratic exchange of ideas supporting the creation of a democratic, just, and sustainable option to neo-liberal Europe.



Neo-liberalism Hardwired in the EUBRAVE NEW EUROPE IS planning our first big project: Neo-liberalism Hardwired in the EU.Our dossier on neo-liberalism will establish a carefully structured document and resource to describe the various ways in which Europe’s core institutions have taken on or been captured by neo-liberal ideas. Each section will cover a broad theme, and each theme will connect to thought-leaders and resources in that area. The core document should be short and easy to read.But putting this document together will require time, effort – and money. So we would like to raise Euros 2,000 towards this project. We would be most grateful for whatever you can donate to us.