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Every new full or sustaining member is very welcome. Please note however that according to § 3 of our statutes concerning our status as a non-profit organisation EDM “works on the basis of selflessness and has no interest in making a profit”. Should you be seeking a financial investment with a financial return, shares of the „EDM European Democratic Media eG“ are not recommended. Members’ liability cannot supersede the value of their share. Thus, should the EDM incur losses, members cannot be required to provide additional funding, nor is there an additional payment liability.

Applicants can decide if they wish to become:

1. A full member, who is permitted to vote at the annual General Members’ Meetings of the EDM Cooperative.

2. A sustaining member, supporting the EDM Cooperative, but not actively participating.

Application in English

Beitrittserklärung auf Deutsch

Please send your signed application to:

Via Post:

EDM European Democratic Media eG

Landhausring 4

12683 Berlin


Via email (Scanned):

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