For a democratic, just, and sustainable Europe

Why join the EDM Cooperative?

EDM European Democratic Media eG is a non-profit cooperative registered in Germany to support the free flow of ideas and discussion indispensable for European democracy and thus empower European citizens to play a more active and informed political role in the EU.

To facilitate this we are creating an independent website, BRAVE NEW EUROPE, providing free of charge analyses and opinions that challenge the predominate media rhetoric, relate to the real lives of the majority of Europeans and support a democratic exchange of ideas enabling the creation of an egalitarian, just, and sustainable option to neo-liberal Europe.

With your share you will be obtaining outstanding articles and analyses from eminent and engaged academics, experts, and activists, which you will not find in mainstream media.

With your share you are giving yourself the opportunity to better understand political and economic developments in Europe.

With your share you will have access not only to unique information concerning individual European nations, but also innovative solutions that some countries and communities have found for problems confronting all of us.

With your share you are supporting the dissemination of information that is underreported if not simply ignored, free of corporate and political influence.

With your share you are financing original investigative research.

With your share you are ensuring the independence of EDM European Democratic Media eG by putting it into the ownership of its members. All members will have one vote, regardless of how many shares they possess in the cooperative.  

With your share you are permitting those who may not be able to afford it to obtain information of the highest quality as presented in BRAVE NEW EUROPE for free.

With your share you are making possible a public forum, where Europeans can discuss creating a society based on equality, justice and sustainability.

With your share you can participate in the development of EDM European Democratic Media eG.

Every new full or sustaining member is very welcome. Please note however that according to § 3 of our statutes concerning our status as a non-profit organisation EDM “works on the basis of selflessness and has no interest in making a profit”. Should you be seeking a financial investment with a financial return, shares of the „EDM European Democratic Media eG“ are not recommended. Members’ liability cannot supersede the value of their share. Thus, should the EDM incur losses, members cannot be required to provide additional funding, nor is there an additional payment liability.

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